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Sixth Avenue Express - House of Disco Guestmix
July 23, 2014 09:29 AM PDT
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Today’s guest mix see’s us get all cozy with one of our closest housemates. ‘Sixth Avenue Express’. Hailing from the peak district and based in London this producer has been flourishing this past year and has been growing a decent following as a result. Known for making emotionally delicate and subtly details productions SAE has a way with chords and vocals that is pretty rare for a producer so young. Having just released a solo EP with us called ‘I See’ we thought it was a good idea to reveal a little more about this artist and what they are all about.

Their mix is as we expected it to be, mid-tempo for the most part and sultry as hell. The tone is set from the get go with their choice to open with Darkside’s beautiful ‘Paper Trails’ and their leaning towards music with a warm soul is no better typified than with the inclusion of Candi Staton – Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal) and a particular highlight for me is Terrence Pearce’s beautiful Halcyon which conjures memories of ‘man with a red face’ moments. It’s not all calm waters however as tracks like Max Graef’s Kotschleuder make sure your feet are still working. There’s also a track from their latest release with us called ‘Clandestine’ and another one to aptly see the mix out called ‘Goodbye’ which has just come out on a limited pink vinyl. We caught up with Sixth Avenue Express to have a chin wag.

Greg Wilson - House of Disco Guestmix
January 06, 2014 09:42 AM PST
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We have a real treat today. Over 2 years ago we approached one of the men who responsible for turning us into disco fiends. We really didn’t expect to receive a response and when we did we were both surprised and enthused. This man was Greg Wilson. Not only did Greg take the time to give us one of our first guestmixes but he also spent an hour on the phone to us giving us a really in-depth insight into the scenes history and his origins as a Dj. Suffice to say we have the utmost respect for Greg who has always taken to time to ensure people accurately understand where these timeless tracks all came from and whats keeping them relevant.

Greg recently came down to play at one of our parties in London and has very kindly given us the recording of his live set to use as his second guestmix for us. We think you’ll agree that it cements his position as both an adventurous selector and a talented Dj. There is no tracklist for this one but that’s half the fun.

Magnier - House of Disco Guestmix
July 22, 2013 10:20 AM PDT
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Todays guestmix comes from House of Disco’s founder ‘Magnier’. It’s been a while since his last mix for us and with the summer being in full swing it seemed like the right time to get another out there and keep the mix series moving. This mix is full of classic laidback summer tracks, some guilty pleasures and a few cheeky edits. Mostly these tracks are the ones that have been following him around and resurfacing time and time again. Step outside, open a beer and enjoy it while it lasts folks.

Satin Jackets - House of Disco Guestmix
July 08, 2013 11:17 AM PDT
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It’s been a while since our last guestmix, and what better way to keep it lit then with an exclusive mix from an artist that’s a housemate of the label and a friend, Satin Jackets. The last year has been a big one for this German based outfit (no pun intended) with releases currently sitting high on Beatport charts, productions in great demand, a worldwide following and the kicking off of the first series of live shows all over the place. Judging by the outfits work ethos this is only going to be the tip of the iceberg.

Satin Jackets trademark sound is slow, sultry and brimming with optimism and todays mix reinforces this aesthetic. With a BPM that’s in no hurry this mix is full of summer heat. With plenty of hooky vocals and a non pretentious approach to track selection this typifies Satin Jackets ethos of music to make you smile. We caught up with Tim and Den to ask them a few questions, some pertinent and some pointless.

Jacques Renault - House of Disco
January 25, 2013 02:08 AM PST
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Todays guestmix is from a man responsible for some of our favourite output over the last few years ‘Jacques Renault’. Jacques (Yes its his real name) has a plethora of strings to his bow curating and managing a number of great labels like ‘On The Prowl’, its offshoot ‘OTP Party Breaks’, vinyl only ‘Goodnight Moon’ and the burgeoning ‘Let’s Play House’ which began as a series of parties that flourished into a label he currently runs alongside his partner in crime Nik Mercer. ‘Lets Play House’ seem to be nailing it at the moment with releases from lots of HOD favourites like ‘Dead Rose Music Company’, ‘Fantastic Man, ‘Bicep’ and ‘Toby Tobias’. Quite the stable. Not happy to rest on his laurels for very long Jacques and Nik recently announced the launch of ‘Goodnight Moon’ a vinyl only label. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this project as it has potential to be a bit special.

Jacques strikes me as a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is a rare attribute among producers. This mix is for having fun/getting messy to, simple. However it’s not all candy coated disco like you may expect and Jacques ventures into some deeper territory with the wonderfully complex and polarizing ‘John Talabot – When The Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Red Remix)’. You can nearly feel the sweat dripping from the roof to Daniel Avery’s “Drone Logic” which is a bit of a monster. There’s a few unreleased little gems peppered throughout this mix, including a first peek at the aforementioned ‘Goodnight Moon’ label with ‘Almost – Polyphony’ which incidentally is one of the highlights of this mix when paired with ‘Emotion II Emotion – Can’t Help Myself’. We cornered Jacques and Nik, shined a spotlight in their eyes, waterboarded them and managed to squeeze some info from them.

The Legendary 1979 Orchestra - House of Disco Guestmix
January 21, 2013 09:24 AM PST
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Named after the year that 'Disco sucks' and they we're burning records in the streets, Romanian Andrei Idu, or 'The Legendary 1979 Orchestra' was infact born in the mid eighties. Now a resident of Utrecht Andrei is responsible for some of our most played edits on Dinner City Sounds. His new label 'Legendary Sound Research' (can you see the theme forming) seems to be going from strength to strength and his productions have earned him vinyl releases on Nurvous, Silhouette and Shanti Records.

He's very kindly answered a few questions and provided us with an hour and twenty minutes of sonic love. His intentions are made very clear from the get go, it's going to be funky and its going to be heavy, you will want to dance, don't be alarmed. You can tell by the tracklist that he has his own identity as a DJ, he plays what he likes and isn't out to regurgitate the 20 most popular recent tracks. Which although this sounds obvious, it's not as common as you might think. What begins as a selection of deep cuts of raw house eventually walks backwards through time to a more classic disco aesthetic. Personified by the arrival of Lazare Hoche - Edit A and our personal highlight, Gary's Gang - Let's Lovedance Tonight (Jacques Renault Edit).

Monitor 66 - House of Disco Guestmix
October 31, 2012 10:09 AM PDT
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Monitor 66's arrival on our radar has been less like a faint blip getting stronger and more like the last minute realisation of impending meteor impact, a bit like the film 'Deep impact' only not rubbish. The three Swedish gentlemen that make up 'Monitor 66' have been responsible for one of our favourite tunes of the summer and indeed our first single release 'Triscuits'. Our new housemates are here for the long haul outputting a string of top quality remixes and playing more and more gigs around europe.

Todays mix from the trio stays true to their manifesto, that they "Make music for sunsets". Its got a classic heavy selection that will keep the nostalgia muscle pumping and the warmth flooding in. Beginning with an eerie confidence and a cold bleak soundscape to set the scene, the soul starts to creep in, melting the ice with the familiar tones of Sister Sledge with an edit spin. The mix moves nicely from classics to more contemporary edits and house with highlights including Move D's amazing 'Untitled 1' and Rayko's 'Just A Little Bit Of Love'. We caught up with the guys to ask them a few questions bout who they want to slap, who's the best DJ and........turtles.

Dead Rose Music Company - House of Disco Guestmix
August 23, 2012 08:08 AM PDT
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We’ve had a soft spot for the productions of this weeks guest for some time now. We first posted about him back in October 2010 and have lapped up his productions ever since. ‘The Dead Rose Music Company’ created his alias around a fictitious story involving feuding families and has since shed this mysterious origin in favour of a more honest and upfront approach. What started as reverb heavy edits of guilty pleasures has evolved into some of the most exciting productions of the past year putting out tracks on WOLF, Kolour, Sleazy Beats, Lets Play House and shortly on our House of Disco imprint.

Todays mix from TDRMC is a live recording from his Red Bull Music Academy appearance in May that he recorded for us. So all mixing is done in real-time, the way it should be but often isn’t. Starting with a Marvin Gaye track that miles ahead of its time the mix is as eclectic as you’d expect. Loaded with typically heavy grooves and pushing a deep, clubby feel this mix showcases his great skills as a selector. Treading a line between the depths of reverberating house and the enthusiasm of disco and soul the mix progresses with plenty of confidence and a woozy strength. There’s even some swing in there among his unreleased tracks, to which we’re privy a sneak peek. We caught up with him and chatted about fixing things, reverb, split personalities and of all topics…… ABBA!

Debonair - House of Disco Guestmix
June 20, 2012 03:57 AM PDT
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This weeks guestmix comes from one of our most important family members ‘Debonair’ or Conor Bevan as the police like to call him. Debonair has had a release on our last EP called ‘Why?‘ and also has one on our upcoming vinyl called ‘Your Love‘ so its safe to say we’ve cut him his own key to the house and don’t mind him coming to raid the fridge every now and then. Debonair’s edits are some of the best out there and with him now focussing more on originals there’s some very exciting things on the horizon for this London fella who’s just fled to Australia (brings us back to the police thing). I must admit I constantly follow this guy around Soundcloud, stalking his favourites as he unearths some real gems, some of which he showcases on his excellent Voyager mix series.

His mix for us charts a familiar journey, echoing the direction so many people music tastes develop. Starting with a lot of melodic vocal driven disco and progressing deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole into booming gutsy house with treated vocals and irresistible basslines. Some of the highlights of this journey for me are Charlotte Gainsbourg’s ‘Paradisco (Joakims Paradisco Garage Remix)’ for its haunting vocals and its pace which seems to gather and gather. Another standout for me is the hypnotic Sellouts – Let Me Work with its piercing vocal stabs. We caught up with Conor to talk about slapping celebrities, creme fraiche, Victoria sponge and high five’s

Trickski - House of Disco Guestmix
April 10, 2012 04:51 AM PDT
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Todays very special houseguests are the broadly talented berlin duo Trickski. These guys are responsible for crafting some of our favourite tracks recently which went out on labels like Permanent Vacation and their family label Suol. Daniel and Yannick have gathered a huge online following through their popularity on Soundcloud an its well deserved, they have a deft touch when it comes to production and instead of taking the approach of 'throw things at it until something sticks' like a lot of producers they air on the side of caution, never including an element unless its necessary. This coupled with their love of all things deep makes them distinct in their own right, giving them a sound you can almost recognise, not an easy task.

Their mix is more downtempo then we expected, a nice surprise, and is brimming with soul (or in this case Suol) and character. It begins with a low slung, cocktails at dusk vibe and continues in its lush heavy fashion progressively gaining momentum adding more and more warmth and sun. It's a bit like watching the sunset, only backwards, so instead of chilling out you instead find yourself in the heat of the day.

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