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Cosmic Boogie - House of Disco Guestmix
March 26, 2012 09:18 AM PDT
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This weeks guestmix is gifted to us from the multi-faceted and polite houseguest Cosmic Boogie or Stu Robinson to his mates and probably something else to his enemies. Now we’re all multi-faceted individuals but not in the same way as Stu. He runs a label, co-runs two other labels, Produces, remixes, Dj’s, blogs, and is a dad of 3 daughters. How is this man standing I hear you say? Passion would be my guess.

This fella loves music, real music, not fads and the bandwagoning that comes with it. I would say that he’s a bit of a purist when it comes to good music and that there’s not enough individuals with as strong a sense of musical identity out there. Stu is known for playing particularly varied sets, refusing to ride one vein and opting instead for the approach that good music will stand up, if its good music.

His mix for us today glistens with variety but maintains a steady groove throughout, plumbing the deep end of disco and house.

PBR Streetgang - House of Disco Guestmix
February 22, 2012 05:31 AM PST
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Ahead of their upcoming gig in London with us on 2nd of March we caught up with banter merchants PBR Streetgang to pick their brains. From the prospect of wrestling a bear, to the frolicking utopia of Garden Festival, 2012 could literally be another hands-on year for PBR Streetgang.

No one has ever questioned Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe’s work rate or commitment to the cause (the music industry, not modern bear combat) ever since the pair met almost a decade ago, and rightly so. It would also be foolish to say that the PBR brand has flirted with ubiquity of late. Their remix back catalogue is long but certainly not drawn out, tinkering unforgettably with the sounds of Crazy P, Odyssey and Death On The Balcony, as well as some solid homegrown work on labels that include Wolf Music, 2020Vision, and for their recent Downstroke release, Hot Creations. An impressive CV, so far, you’ll agree.

So as music partnerships go, Bonar and Tom are seemingly very compatible. A happy marriage, you could say, that is celebrating 10 years of crowd pleasing and festival teasing, which all started when they were fostering their trade in the legendary Asylum club in Leeds.

For those fortunate enough to grace the dance floor during this tenure, you would have seen and heard some indelible moments, from Henrik Schwarz to Maurice Fulton projecting their celestial powers, to name but an esteemed few, at a venue where the boys can safely call home. Oh and they annually hold the fort at a little club called Space in Ibiza too.

The Boogie Boat is clearly not running out of steam anytime soon, and with spaces in high demand, you had better book your ticket now.

Slow Hands - House of Disco Guestmix
February 16, 2012 04:24 AM PST
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Todays houseguest is the New York Slo-mo (although he’ll hate that) producer Slow Hands. Not to be pidgeon-holed by his name he’s not all 90bpm’s. His edits and remixes seem to track his music interest, touching on tracks that obviously hold a place in his musical past. You certainly couldn’t refer to Slow Hands as a predictable producer or even Dj, its apparent from listening to his productions, remix’s and Dj sets that this is a man who likes to push the boat out and then when its gone a safe distance blow it to bits with blatant disregard to anti-dynamite fishing laws. He tackles really tough to touch subject matter in his edits such as Led Zeppelin and Sufjan Stephens but he not only does it well he makes them memorable by not relying on the original but more by plundering elements to use as familiar bricks in an entirely new production. Having previously released on Wolf + Lamb Slow Hands is nestled right into the Wolf + Lamb family in New York and has a dedication that a lot of those artists seem to possess, perhaps they encourage each other, or compete with each other, star-sign dependant. He put out an impressive 17 Podcasts last year but this is the first non live output in 6 months and by the sounds of things he’s been sitting on some serious golden eggs. His guestmix today is a varied journey of twists and sudden turns, setting the tone wonderfully from the get go with a John Talabot edit. In fact 2/3 of all the tracks in this mix are remix’s, but thats neither here nor there. The arrival of Appaloosa – Patchwork (Bostro Pesopeo Remix) is when the tone is really set for what to expect, and that is to not know what to expect next. A real surprise was the inclusion of a Dj Harvey remix of a Canyons track. I’ve always preferred the Mic Newman version but the Harvey remix seems to sit perfectly in this mix, making me question my earlier convictions. The highlight for me however was the pairing of Jonas Rathsman – Feeling You into Pete Herbert/Golden Fleece – Ivory Waves (Sare Havlicek Remix). Neither track I’d heard before (yikes) but both I instantly nabbed. A lot of Dj’s in this style play good music but they should consider the ante upped!

Magnier - The House of Disco Guestmix
February 14, 2012 10:28 AM PST
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Todays guestmix is brought to you by The House of Disco Owner Magnier. We’re really looking forward to what this year brings, we have some fantastic artists lined up and hopefully some really special releases for you all. The support recieved from all angles has been mindblowing. So heres a collection of some of Magnier's favourite sweat enducing bangers. I know its early in the year, a time for responsibility, caution and repair……..apparently. Well you can still be cautious while you bang it out with your mates. It would be irresponsible not to!

Ilya Santana - The House of DIsco Guestmix
January 16, 2012 09:03 AM PST
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Many of our recent guestmixes have been on the deep and slower side of Disco and trespassing heavily into House. Todays guestmix is something a little different. Ilya Santana is well-known for his warm layered and strong sound with his releases coming out on Eskimo, Balihu, Permanent Vacation and Gomma. We could think of no-one better to represent a side of disco that is frankly getting overlooked recently. He discovered his passion for music 20 years ago through his father’s love of artists like Alan Parsons, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder and many more. Disco isn’t all about groovy basslines and chopped up vocals, it’s also about soaring synths, rolling italo arpeggiators, and a chunky dramatic sound. Ilya has given that to us today. Hailing from the Canary Islands it’s not surprising that his mix is sun soaked and full of character. It starts off super enthusiastically as if summer was still in its peak. He keeps a speedy pace and constant optimistic rhythm opting for fast mixes instead of gradual blends as if each track were itching to be played immediately. Full of a classic feel and italo patterns this mix is a bit of a nod to the heritage of disco subgenres. An unusual and unexpected highlight for me is Max Essa’s new project Jan ken po’s track ‘First Touch’ with its rolling synths and guitar picks and calypso drum machine. In fact the last three tracks are pretty outstanding and provide a suitably more-ish wrap up.

Luminodisco - The House of Disco Guestmix
November 11, 2011 03:49 AM PST
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This weeks guestmix is of italian origin. Federico Costantini or Luminodisco, as his name appears on posters, is a talented man. An avid producer and a resident Dj with Execute in Rome, Fede spends a lot of time immersed in music and it shows. His sound is immersive and tinged with emotion. His upcoming track on our second vinyl release ‘Too Night’ is a perfect example of imbibing emotion into a deep track and thats all too rare in the deep house and disco genres. Fede has created a mix that’ll make you turn down the lights. It starts off smooth and haunting with admittedly a touch and go first mix. Have you ever made pancakes? The first one never works but the rest are perfect. Its a bit like that, you still eat the first one anyway. His mix is very groove dependent relying on a strong core bass to keep your attention and guide you along. Some highlights are Erdbeerschnitzels track and the real highlight for me is the K-Bonus and Klic tracks. Overall its very warm and sultry and I get the impression that Fede plays in a lot in dim hot basements, and I’d say he kills it.

Sleazy McQueen - The House of Disco Guestmix
October 04, 2011 09:35 AM PDT
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Sleazy by name, sleazy by nature; this week’s guestmix from Sleazy McQueen is a funked-up masterclass in sexy disco. Born and raised in America’s deep south, where disco isn’t exactly the most in-demand genre, McQueen made sure he heard the music he loved by putting on his own nights.

Now resident in Orlando, Florida, Sleazy (real name Laurin) is in demand the world over for his live sets, edits and production skills. His November tour sees him take in Istanbul on the 18 and 19 November, Oslo on 26 November and Stockholm on 25 November, and he has recordings coming out on Deep & Disco, Paper Recordings, Adult Only and Headtunes Recordings, as well as his own Whiskey Disco edits label.

To read the interview please visit: http://bit.ly/o9bdMx

Roberto Rodriguez - The House of Disco Guestmix
September 20, 2011 09:11 AM PDT
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This week’s guest mix from Roberto Rodriguez will lull you into a false sense of mellow security, before picking you up with some classic disco and then shaking you around with full-on techno. Despite its laid back opening, it’s not one for the faint hearted and if it doesn’t get you in the mood for the weekend you might as well just go to bed now and stay there until Monday.

With his first track recorded at the tender age of 13 and his first release ten years later in 1997, Roberto has 35 original recordings under his belt. His remixes and edits are in constant demand, with 25 edits in the last year alone for the likes of Yoko Ono and Crazy P.

This eclectic masterpiece is typical of Finnish Roberto’s style, and his childhood soundtrack spanning 70s boogie and flamenco classics from his Spanish father and Finnish mother set the tone for his open-minded policy on music – anything goes, as long as it’s good. His mixes are as likely to feature Salsoul classics as they are old school acid, but the one thing they all have in common is quality – this guy oozes it.

Deep&Disco - The House of Disco Guestmix
June 27, 2011 01:44 AM PDT
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JKriv (Jason Kriveloff) is a man of many musical hats.As a founding member, bass-player, and co-songwriter/producer for the live-house band Tortured Soul, he has toured the world and contributed to tracks that are classic staples of the 2000-something deep house oevre. Lately J’s been collecting his forays into the world of DJing and production under the moniker Deep&Disco, which aptly describes the sound and style that informs his musical approach. He’s amassed a formidable following of discophiles around the globe through his signature-crafted edits and reworks, which have won the praise and play of luminaries such as Greg Wilson, Craig Smith (6th Borough Project), Bag Raiders, Jody Watley, OOFT!, Dicky Trisco, Yam Who?, Cosmic Boogie, Ashley Beedle, and many more. June 2011 will see the release of the electro-soul anthem “Another Night” by JKriv featuring Adeline Michèle, on J’s freshly-launched Deep&Disco Recordings. With an edit from Greg Wilson, and remixes from Social Disco Club and more, this track is already generating serious buzz and looks destined for instant-classic status.

Sleazy Beats - The House of Disco Guestmix
June 17, 2011 08:15 AM PDT
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There are a lot of labels out there who put out anything with a pulse and a name attached to it, todays guestmix is by no such label. Sleazy beats have been at the forefront of a slow motion wave recently. Pushing sleazy, chugging grooves by some of the industry's rising stars the guys over at Sleazy Beats have put out some of our favourite tracks. These guys have a great attitude to it all, remaining humble and genuinely interested. They run Sleazy Beats because they genuinely love music. In their own words they are "by no means a spectacular DJ's". I have to disagree, 80% of being a good DJ is selection, even a DJ who cant mix for his life will get applause if his track selection is good enough. I think we're all in agreement that's what comes across so strongly in this guestmix, immaculate track selection. Its a slow but typically groovy and soulful mix of earphone friendly head nodders including some as yet unreleased tracks. To check out the interview and download a full quality version visit www.thehouseofdisco.com

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